SDG Impact Forum


To build strategic partnerships and alliances around the Sustainable Development Goals.


Designed to engage private sector and civil society changemakers on
global diplomacy and international development issues, building a
knowledge base and opportunities guided towards opportunities which
support social causes


Global Partnerships Forum and Forming Impact have partnered to create impactful opportunities.

Amir Dossal, Founder and President of the Global Partnerships Forum and former Executive Director of the United Nations Office for Partnerships, have partnered to bring together businesses and entrepreneurs to engage multi-stakeholders, form partnerships with the UN and shift the Sustainable Development Goals.

Supporting The United Nations SDG

It is through partnerships and alliances with multi-stakeholders that the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals become world changing indicators.

The SDG Impact Forum provides a platform for innovative collaboration, and in doing so promotes the work of the private sector and entrepreneurs globally.

Today’s economic and social challenges require multiple constituencies to collaborate in support of common goals – through the Multi- Stakeholder Partnerships Model. Using the leadership of the private sector, the normative role of the public sector, the expertise of academia, and successful delivery mechanisms of civil society, our focus areas include:


Knowledge center for leadership, entrepreneurship, innovation and partnerships


Results-focused Global and Regional Summits, Clinics, Workshops, Programs and Salons

Strategic Advisory

Advice, mentorship and guidance on high-impact programs

The Portal

Virtual platform for research, best practice and knowledge sharing on partnerships